Dec 23, 2009

We eagerly await Christmas Day

Well the shopping is done and the presents are wrapped, baking continues but soon we'll be sitting back to enjoy our goodies. Noah has no idea of whats ahead. He doesn't care for the tree since it's so prickly, the presents have bows and ribbon that stick to little hands so doesn't enjoy those either. But there have been many social gatherings and with 4 teeth coming in all at once it has been wonderful to have distractions for us all. We are all looking forward to spending some quiet time together after the holiday rush next week. Kris will be on vacation and we have no plans, which leaves a lot of time for play... So bring on the snow!

We would love to thank everyone for keeping up with our blog, even though we have not been keeping up with IT. Moments seem to just be flying by so quickly that it's nearly impossible to capture it on film and a lot of times there are just no words to the joys of parenthood. We look forward to the wonders that the new year brings and hope to have more time to share it with you all.

We hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!

Much love,
The Anderjeski's

I finally captured Noah's new smile.
He does this nose scrunching out of joy and excitement.

Nov 21, 2009

October Beach Trip

So we forgot to mention that for Noah's actual birthday, we took a trip to Canon Beach. It was a beautiful day and the it was actually comfortably warm (I'm talking t-shirt weather). Dad was kind enough to pull the battery out of mom's camera to recharge it before we left. We packed up some snacks and headed out on the road early to let Noah take his nap while we drove. When we got there, it was picture perfect... Right up to the point when we realized that no one bothered to put the battery back in the camera after the charge.

Mom was devastated... I mean, what parent (what crazed photo taking parent, I should say) misses their only child's first birthday.

To make up for the tragedy, we made a second trip in October. Here are some priceless shots of Noah's battle with the sand (needless to say it was not his favorite).

What.... is.... this.... stuff!?

He quickly realized that no means of mobility was going to get him away from this stuff, so he just sat down and cried. But has a cure all solution to tears...

Me also made a trip to the Tillamook Cheese factory. It was a first for mom and Noah but everyone had a blast... I mean what's not to love about tasting great cheese and finishing it off with some delicious ice cream.

Oct 19, 2009

Punkin Hunting

Noah rode front facing like a big boy for the first time this weekend... There were a lot of things to see. We got a break in the clouds and headed for Sauvie's Island in search of the perfect pumpkin. Uncle Curtis, Allison, Shelby and Riley joined us for a day of fun.

Boys will be boys

Strapped in an ready to go

Shelby was all smiles and came along with her cousin Riley in the wagon

Mom got a dog for the day

Aaaand we're off

There were so many choices

Noah thought they were all balls, see he's saying "Buh" for ball

Mom's favorite expression, looks something like "But if they're not balls, then what are they for?"

"You can't catch me..."
"This is fun too"

"Looking for pumpkins is hard work! Ooooo there's one."

Loaded and ready to go

We had some shoe malfunctions, 18 month old's should not walk dogs

There's that famous tongue again

My crazy monkey


"Mom, that cow is HUGE mom!"